The Procedure and Essentialities of Trademark Renewal

A trademark is the unique identity that makes your company, product exclusive from the others. The Trademark registration has the right to sue against others who intend to copy your trademark. Registering a Trademark can also prevent others from using the same trademark to the one registered by you. The validity period of trademark in India is for a period of 10 years, after which the trademark needs a renewal. The trademark renewal for another 10 years with proper documentation and abiding by required criteria. We at Accounting4you can give you the total renewal procedures.

Before your registration of the trademark expires, the owner of a registered trademark receives a notice from the office of the trademark registrar. The expiry and the conditions related to the payment of renewal fees are informed to him. You get the notice and we at Accounting4you apply for renewal for you. Do not delay to renew trademark registration as the registrar has the liberty to remove the trademark from the trademark register. Trademark renewal can be applied online. There can be an option to alter any words or sign in your existing trademark. Also you can apply for trademark renewal online without making any change in the existing trademark.

There are a lot of advantages to renew trademark registration. Trademark registration renewal awards the trademark holder many rights that are protected by law. The trademark registration renewal allows the holder the right to transfer the trademark to a different person or company at their own will.

How to renew trademark Registration?

There are 2 kinds of trademark registration renewal will be.

  • Firstly the change and alteration of the logo or sign of the registered trademark.
  • Secondly the application is made without any change of the trademark.

There is no need to visit trademark register office. We can do the process quickly and easily complete the entire trademark renewal registration is done superfast online with the help of us.

Renew your trademark registration as over the years the goodwill of your brand which you have built up should be preserved lifelong. Every 10 years the renewal of trademark registration should be your moto. We help you stick to your moto. Form 18 is used to file the application. We can file the renewal of the trademark registration as soon as you handover the documents to us. Our expert team will prepare the relevant forms required for the renewal. We will let you know the status of your application time to time and you will receive the confirmation of the Trademark renewal from us.

With every trademark renewal, one can continue to enjoy protection on his trademark. It is impossible for other people or businesses to claim any rights on A trademark renewal in time. We at the Accounting4you will do it with ease and fast.

List of the document Required for renewal:

  • Copy of your PAN CARD,
  • Address Proof,
  • Certificate of incorporation,
  • Trademark registration certificate issued by the registry,

and it back and wait for the application status from us and complete the full trademark renewal process with us.

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