The designated Norms and Methods of Trademark Registration

Do you want to stand out from the rest? A Trademark Registration can help you. A trademark is the unique identity that makes your company, product exclusive from the others. The Trademark registration has the right to sue against others who intend to copy your trademark. Registering a Trademark can also prevent others from using the same trademark to the one registered by you. Get your Trademark registered through us. Registering a trademark confirms that competitors will not use it and hence the customers do not get confused. When it comes to filing a Trademark Application each class of person or entity has its own set of requirements.

Trademark Application Filing

Trademark Application Filing can be done by an individual who is not doing any business. He can obtain a trademark registration may be for a symbol or word which he can use in the future.

Trademark registration can be filed by the joint owners of a company together with both their names mentioned in the Trademark Application. Bring us your choice of Trademark and we at Accounting4you fulfil it. There are different types of Trademark Registrations available in India.Although there are different trademarks, their objectives are similar to each other. Trademark Registration is done to allow consumers to identify goods and services produced by certain manufacturers or service providers. We identify the types and educate you with our expert suggestion.

The registration of Trademark online involves several processes and government followup. But do not panic, we have made it easier for you. Register a trademark with us to protect your company’s logo and brand. After we get the basic information about what you want to trademark, we search the trademark database and check your eligibility of the mark you want to register is available or not. Check your name availability for your brand with our database. Trademark Application filing in India is on the basis of statutory provisions and rules embodied in the Trademark Act. The trademark which is registered in India is valid for 10 years from the date you file the application. It can be renewed further.

Procedure to Register a Trademark

To create an account for trademark e- filing is the first procedure to Register a Trademark. We at Accounting4you create the account on behalf of you with ease. A trademark application experiences a lot of stages of scrutiny before it is registered. We ensure your application is error free and accurate. TM symbol can be used with the applicant and the brand, after the trademark is registered. Trademark registration is essential in India to protect the brand name. Complete your trademark registration under a professional like us. The process needs constant government followup which we at Accounting4you can do on your behalf.

12- 24 months can take in the Trademark Registration and it is important for the Entrepreneur to keep track on the trademark application throughout the application process. Respond to any of the concerns of the trademark registrar in time is vital. We respond and you sit back and relax. Follow up and keeping track on the application is our duty. Trust us.

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