Knowing Well the Methods and Ways of Trademark Opposition

An individual who thinks that his brand name will be damaged by the registration of a trademark can raise a Trademark Opposition. After the registrar has approved the trademark application on the grounds of individualism comes the stage of Trademark opposition. There is no particular ground of trademark opposition in the Indian Trademark law. There can be various reasons to trademark opposition. If the trademark is same or identical to an existing registered trademark, then it can be a ground of Trademark opposition.

In India any person can file a Trademark opposition against a trademark which is published in the journal. However, a trademark opposition may not be filed by any partnership firms, trusts or any company. A general public might be a customer or any public who is likely to use the goods. Want to know more, we at Accounting4you can give you a detailed knowledge of Trademark Opposition process.

Trademark Opposition Process

A hearing will be conducted to decide the matter when the trademark registry gets any kind of opposition to the trademark. Filing of the Trademark opposition to the Registry of Trademarks is necessary. It is where the trademark registration application is filed. We can help you at Accounting4you and give our expert assistance to ease your business. Know Trademark Opposition through us. Trademark opposition in India is done online. To apply online for Trademark Opposition, you all we need is the details of the applicant. The power of attorney is needed to file the trademark opposition on behalf of you. The basic information of the trademark is needed with the user date and proof of use. Give it to us and we apply online for trademark opposition.

The trademark registration certificate is issued when the registrar decides in favour of the applicant. When the registrar decides in favour of the opposing party, in that case the trademark registration application will be rejected. The trademark opposition format is Assemble of basic information, Execution and Submission. Our expert team is there to help you with all the formats.The deadline to file a Trademark opposition reply is 30 days from the date of issuance of the report to the applicant. We do it in time with our expert team.

Procedures for Trademark Opposition

The Registrar after receiving the evidence of both the parties will send a notice to both the parties of the first hearing date. If the opposing party is unable to be present on the hearing date, the opposition will be dismissed, and the Registrar will register the trademark. A Trademark opposition applicant should read the Notice of opposition minutely and thoroughly. Each and every allegation in the Notice of Opposition should be rebutted accordingly. All the documents which will be presented in support of the applicant should be valid and legal. We at Accounting4you have the solutions to all the procedures for Trademark opposition.

Counter statement should indicate the facts of how the applicant’s trademark is different than that of the Opposition. Understand more about the Trademark opposition from us. File trademark opposition online through us immediately against the same trademark applied by any other person. Immediately stop Trademark registry. We Secure your brand.

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