Following the Details and Methods of Trademark Objection

A trademark is the unique identity that makes your company, product exclusive from the others. It happens sometimes, during the trademark registration process, the Trademark examiner raises objections on the intended trademark if it violates rules and laws of trademark registration. It could be due to various reasons like similarity with an existing trademark, offensive to a particular religion, absence of a distinct design, etc. When there is a Trademark objection, within 30 days an extensive reply needs to be filed, from the date of issuance of the objection. We at Accounting4you can help you to assess the implications of the objection of the notice.

How to Reply Trademark Objection?

The word Trademark objected’ says that the particular trademark application has been examined and a report is generated with the objections against the registrability of the trademark. A well written Trademark Objection Reply is needed to be drafted on receipt of a Trademark Objection. We at Accounting4you can help you to prepare the Trademark Objection Reply up to the mark. Registered Trademarks are a bundle of special right upon the registered owner. The right to exclusively use the Trademark in relation to the products or services. A registered Trademark gives the owner of a registered Trademark to prevent the unauthorized use of his Trademark.

Trademark Objection has various reasons like Incorrect Name of the Trademark Applicant. If you fill the Trademark Form incorrectly there can be a Trademark Objection. We help you to fill up the form for Trademark error free. Give us your 3 documents and we do the Trademark Objection. Your Brand Logo, Examination Report and Supporting Proof of Logo ownership. Sit back and relax we do it for you. We can help you file a Trademark Objection Reply in less processing time. Since Trademark objection does not mean a straight denial, but the trademark examiner seeks a valid explanation about the trademark and registration. We study your case and find out why your Trademark received objection.

How to Protect your Brand?

We at the hub of Accounting4you will then do research and find out the root cause of the Trademark Objection. Accounting4you can give you an exclusive draft and file a thorough objection reply in support to your Trademark. We will protect your brand. Objected trademark is used when the particular trademark application has been examined and a report is generated where the objections are mentioned against the registrability of the trademark. Protecting a trademark is very important if you want to maintain its exclusive identity. There can be some cases when someone would try to stop you from observing your right. So it is better to understand the concept of Trademark Objection.

Suitable response to the examination report in order to overcome the objections has to be drafted by a professional like us. We have experts to draft the most effective arguments in order to overcome the Trademark objections.The draft of the trademark objection reply letter is filed online on the Trademark e-filing portal. We do it from drafting to submitting of the reply. Remember the failure to file and Trademark objection within 2 months will change the status of the application to Abandoned.

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