The Details of the Procedure of TDS Filing

Tax Deducted at source is the full form of TDS. Usually TDS is a part of Income Tax. The main aim for TDS collection by the Government from the very source of Income of an individual or businessman. In TDS concept, the deductor is liable to make payments of any type of nature to the deductee, and hence shall deduct at the source and deposit the amount in the account of the Government. But TDS is not deducted if an individual is making the payment or if his books are not required to be audited. You can get into the depth of the subject with us at Accounting4you and learn things with perfection.

The due date for depositing the TDS to the Income Tax Department is by the 7th of every next month. Using the Challan ITNS-281 on the website of the government. We can guide you for TDS filing online. The taxes are deducted according to the rates given in the provisions of the Finance Act. In the case of non-resident persons, the withholding tax rates which are verified under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement will also be observed.

Process of Filing TDS Returns

Rely on us for your TDS return filing. TDS Return filing every quarterly can be done by us on behalf of you to the Income Tax Department. TDS Return Filing has to be done on time and it can be done online. The details will be reflected on Form 26AS, once the TDS returns are submitted.

TDS Return filing Online can sometimes be difficult for the taxpayers. Hence the Income Tax Department has given the provision of uploading the return in your own website. A valid TAN should be registered for TDS e-filing. Preparation of TDS Statements should be done by using Return Preparation Utility and it should be validated using File Validation Utility. Prepare your TDS return easily through us. We need a valid TAN and you should be registered in e-filing at Accounting4you and we can help you significantly. Valid Digital Signature Certificate should be registered in e-Filing. Pre-Validation of the Principal Contact’s Bank Account / Demat Account details and link. The Pan card should be linked with the Aadhar Card.

An individual should have some of the important documents before filing the TDS like Pan Cards of both the deductee and the deductor, The Income tax amount paid to the Department and The TDS challan should have the details on it. We at Accounting4you can thoroughly have a step by step check list to e-file the TDS. After filing the TDS, an individual will get an acknowledgement receipt with a reference number.

Advantage of Filing TDS Returns

Sometimes the filing of TDS can be rejected. Then the deductor receives a non-acceptance memo clarifying the reasons for such rejection. There are various advantage of filing TDS returns. The lump-sum tax payment at the end of the year is reduced if TDS return filing is done on time quarterly, thus reduces the burden of the taxpayer. We at Accounting4you will help you to maintain the income flow. TDS return filing allows regular flow of income to the government. Therefore, it is highly recommended to let us file for you without much agitation and squeeze off maximum benefits from the TDS filing.

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