The Utility and Importance of Income Tax Notice

Receiving an income tax notice is not something that anyone should take lightly, and it can cause panic among the taxpayers. A taxpayer should take action immediately and within the allotted time period he should get the issue resolved. Answering to all the enquiries of the Income Tax Department on time is highly recommended or else you can have a penalty. Let us be your savior and help you meet your commitments. There are various reasons to receive an Income Tax Notice. Mismatch of income shown in Form 26AS, AIS and in the IT Return can lead to a discrepancy and can result in a notice of income tax. E-filing of Income Tax Return keenly and with concentration can lead to a perfect filing of tax return. Hence no Tax Notice is sent to the taxpayer. You sit back and relax and we do the job at Accounting4you.

When the TDS Amount does not match with Form 26AS, The Income Tax Department can issue the Notice to the taxpayer, and hence the TDS amount is rectified. Do not forget to show any income of yours to the Income Tax Department. If not shown or declared then the Income Tax Department can issue an Income Tax Notice. We can help you in correcting it and avoid the Notice. The Income Tax Department can anytime scrutinize the IT return file of a tax payer hence the correct documents should be uploaded at the correct time period given by the Income Tax Department.

Income Tax Notice Process

It is truly difficult for a taxpayer to know the rules of filing an Income Tax Return. If a basic checklist is followed you can avoid a Tax Notice easily. This is the time to take our help and get the checklist done and we give the best solutions. And no inconvenience is invited from the Income Tax Department. Income Tax Department usually send the Tax Notices via email or SMS. In your busy schedule,you often ignore the SMS and emails which may lead to confusion later. Income Tax Department send the Tax Notice but due to the overlook of the email or SMS, The tax payer does not acknowledge the Tax Notice, leading to penalty. The best solution to this is to rely on us and we track all the necessary transactions.

Taking a professional help often can give solutions to all the problems related to E-filing and Income Tax Notices. Seldom you, may have to appear at the office explaining the discrepancy. The Professional helper can organize your clarifications and replies to the Income Tax Department. This decreases your stress, and you are more confident to deal with such discrepancies against you.

Remember there is a solution for all Tax Notices issued by the Income Tax Here we are to make you stress free. Checking the basics of the Tax Notice and e-filing the income tax return in a more professional way erases all such discrepancies leading to receive a Tax Notice. The best way is to scrutinize with a professional Tax Genie and we at Accounting4you take care of making things happen the correct way.

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