The Methods and Advantages of Tax Return Filing

Income Tax return is basically used to keep a note of your income and data to file your taxes with the Income Tax Department. The taxpayers get Taxation statements which build up their tax culpability and hence get refund of the question and obligations. A tax return is filed with a tax authority who reports your income, expenses and other tax information. You can find two ways of e-filing your income tax return in India, either by Filing it yourself or You can get a professional to do it for you.

Who is eligible for filing Income Tax?

If you have a PAN, In that case you are eligible to file your IT return, although the income is below the limit. It is compulsory for companies and firms to file Income Tax. Often we at Accounting4you find that, taxpayers find it difficult in accessing the Income Tax Department e-filing website. We can help you of such issues and get it done for you securely and accurately. E-filing of Tax returns is the responsibility of every Indian citizen. The present online technology enables you to easily file your income tax. It is hassle free and fast. In India e-filing income tax returns online through the official portal of Income Tax Department involves filing of ITR forms.

Forms differ for each individual and salaried person. It is a crucial task as the Income tax department has different forms for different functions and it is of a specific category. Missing a single field in the form or any errors in filling up the form, will create any discrepancy. And you will not be able to file your Tax on time. This is where we can help you with our expertise supervision for error free e-filing of your tax return. There are various advantages of Tax filing. If you wish to take up Bank Loans like:

  • Personal Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Education Loans
  • Business Loan
  • Bank Overdraft

It can be easily availed with the requirement of Income Tax return file of last three years.

Mandatory Documents of Income Tax Return

Tax return document can be used as a proof by the Visa Office for immigration purpose, if you wish to travel outside India. You travel and we help you with the mandatory documents of Income Tax return files. Heavy amounts of penalty are charges by the Income Tax Department for the non-filing of income tax returns and so it is always the right choice to choose us to file it to avoid penalty.

The last date for filing Income Tax Returns is before July 31st of every year. A company or an institution which is eligible for audit should file their Tax Return before September 30th of every year. NRIs and technical professionals who are deputed onsite, who are entitled for foreign income and assets should always e-file the Income Tax Return online. The filing of Tax return has become a daily jobs for few professionals like us. We at Accounting4you do it with ease and accuracy. You sit back and relax and let us file you Income tax return.

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