The Major Role of the Indian Subsidiary Company

Indian Subsidiary Company is a company whose control lies with another company. A subsidiary company is termed as subsidiary or sister company. In Indian Subsidiary Company Registration, the Subsidiary company is registered, which is owned and controlled by the Holding Company. We at Accounting4you will give you a detailed help on how we can help you in the registration of the Indian Subsidiary Company. A company which is looking for an expansion across regions and sectors will have to form subsidiaries. An Indian Subsidiary Company is an Indian company and it is treated as one and is required to meet all the compliances applicable to Indian companies. We update you more on Subsidiary Company Registration making it simpler and thoughtful.

Indian Company incorporation

Subsidiaries are common in some industries. Especially real estate. A company which owns real estate and has several properties for rent may form an overall holding company with each property as a subsidiary. Subsidiaries can also be its own separate entity for taxation purposes from that of their parent company. For Indian Company incorporation, it is a prerequisite to obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate. The advantages of Indian Company incorporation are that you have a separate Legal Entity.

Lower Corporate Tax rates are implemented once the company is incorporated. There is a Income Splitting. Income is controlled in Indian Company Incorporation. We at Accounting4you explain the real benefits once you can check our expert views. Apart from depositing the income tax, the deductor also has to do TDS filing which is compulsory for all the individuals who fall under the income tax slab as prescribed by the Income Tax Department. For the process of TDS filing there are various TDS forms which are depending on the income of the deductee or the type of deductees paying taxes. We make it easy for you to choose the forms.

MSME Registration

We encourage you to spend less time on running payroll for your employees, we spend our time on payroll and you can focus on growing your business. Payroll is run in a few clicks and automatically we make it easy in generating pay slips online with a thorough breakdown of taxes, allowances and deductions. The micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector of the nation keeps the economic wheels running for India. The MSME sector is a primary contributor to employment, manufacturing, exports and industrial units in India. MSME registration is needed to be a part of such sector. We have experts contributing to the process for you.

Give us your Aadhar number, PAN number, address of the business and we have the experts at Accounting4you will let you know the others once you rely on us for your MSME Registration. MSME Registration is done and after obtaining the MSME certificate you benefit from different government departments including electricity. MSME Registration can give you special rebates and concessions on patents and industry setups. This Registration can give you support from the state government. We save your time and do the process simpler and easy. Why waste time on registrations when we can do it for you.