What are the Top 5 Reasons for Company Registration in India?

There are various reasons for Company Registration in India. There can be a time, when the ownership of a business needed to be transferred, a registered company can do it easily, whereas it is complicating for unregistered companies. Shares and business related documents can be easily transferred if a company is registered in India. While running a business there can be a prone of loss in business, in such case a registered company is offered a limited liability protection and so the businessmen are not liable for the liabilities of the business, hence there is no loss of personal property. 

A Registered Company has a brand recognition. Registration of a Company can be the best asset and has the chances of being handed down from one generation to another. Registering a Company is required for supportability. Getting loan is easy for a Company which is registered. A registered company can obtain a benefit to get loans from the bank at a low interest rate. A registered company is trusted by the investors who can trustfully invest in it without panic. Registration of a Company not only holds the company name but also a place in the business market.