How to Reactivate a Cancelled GST?

Reactivation of a Cancelled GST Registration is possible. An application for reversal of cancellation of GST registration can be done by applying under Form GST Reg-21. Within 30days of receiving the cancellation note of GST Registration the application has to be submitted. If a GST officer has cancelled the GST Registration for the reason of non-filing of tax returns, the re-application of GST can only be filed, after the payment of interest and penalty and paying the pending returns.

On investigating a re-filing form of GST Registration, if the concerned officer is not satisfied with the revocation application, then a show cause notice is sent in Form GST Reg-23 to the tax payer, elaborating the reason of rejecting the cancellation application. The officer will question the tax payer that why the refusal application should not be rejected. Within 7 working days the applicant should respond from the date of issue of the notice.. The tax payer has to mention the reason for revocation and submit the application on the website. If the officer finds the reasons satisfactory then the GST number will be revoked by the officer. All the formalities can be done online easily by visiting the GST official website.

New GST Registration Mandatory for Companies under IBC

GST Registration of a Company or LLP under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) is mandatory. This will be with effect from the date of appointment of Invoice Registration Portal / Resolution Professionals (IRP/RP) and will be treated as a definite person of corporate debtors. They shall be liable to take a new registration in each state or union territory, where the debtor was registered before.

The registration has to be done 30 days from the date of appointment of Invoice Registration Portal / Resolution Professionals ( IRP/RP). Any corporate debtor who is going through bankruptcy is responsible to furnish its GST returns, may tax payment and undergo all other GST formalities as per the GST law during the CIRP period. Those Corporate debtors will be considered as different person and they are responsible to for New GST Registration through IRP/RP. If a corporate debtor has not defaulted in providing the return under GST may not be required to take a separate registration.

All statements in form GSTR-1 which have been provided under the registration of Corporate Debtor, the IRP/RP will not be required to take a fresh registration. For this special case, the IRP/RP is the authorised Signatory and they can keep using the same GSTIN.