Taking Care of Things at Shop & Establishments

Anybody who is an owner of a shop for commercial purpose needs to apply for Shop and Establishment Licence. Shop and Commercial Establishments Act usually pertains to all shops, restaurants, hotels, theatres, places of public entertainment and amusement and other commercial establishments. The above establishments need to register under the Act within 30 days of the beginning of work. The Shop and Establishment Act is to ratify for the purpose of protecting the rights of the employees.

Licensing and Registration Procedure

The Shop and Establishment Act provides regulations of the payment of wages, terms of services, work hours, rest intervals, overtime work, opening and closing hours, closed days, holidays, leaves, maternity leave and benefits, work conditions, rules for employment of children, records maintenance, etc. The licensing and registration procedure can be done online. The proprietor or owner of the shop or business must login to the respective State Labour Department website. We at Accounting4you can do the online Registration for Shop easily and super fast.

The owner should fill the application form for the registration under the Shop and Establishment Act. Once the registration form is approved, the registration certificate will be issued online to the proprietor or owner of the business. Online Registration for shop is for those individuals who wish to start a small shop anywhere in India. All that is required is to register their shop name with the government of India. You dream, and we at Accounting4you will fulfil your wish. Get your Online Registration for shop done by us. All you need is either the Shop Registration under the MSME Act 2006 and Shop Registration under Shop & Establishment Act from the respective state municipal party. We provide you a detailed explanation about the registration process and documentation.

If you have a business it is wise to register and be licensed. The registration is important, because the income you earn from your business cannot be shown as personal earnings. It is fully illegal to run a business without a business license. We process your shop registration and send it to the labour department, either online or in person, as required.

Registration for Shop And Establishments Act

There are certain protocols for the Registration for Shop And Establishments Act. Since the Shop and Establishment Act come under the labour laws and it is the duty of the employers to see to the number of working hours day by day and also the opening and shutting of the establishment. The management should keep a note of the national and religious leaves. Guidelines should be set for the recruitment of youngsters and women. There should be leaves for maternity and casual leaves.

We have the team of experts at Accounting4you to make you more educated on the matter. Call us and discuss your query. We prepare your application and work with you to gather the team of necessary employee and shop information. Registration for Shop and Establishment licence usually takes 15-20 days if done offline. In case of fully online system it can take 7 days. Contact us for full information. We keep you updated and well educated.

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