The Share Transferring Process of the Private Limited Company

In most cases, the ownership in the case of the Private Limited Company is made sure by the shareholders present within the company. The motive is to induct the new and aspiring investors for transferring of the company ownership. For this reason, the shares of the company need to be transferred. And the common men need to understand this share transferring procedure. There are methods of doing so and at Accounting4you we have all things ready at your service to transfer the shares and make the business viable. We will help you understand the process of transferring the shares. And make things lucrative and profitable in long run.

Methods of Share Transfer

You have the sheer process of Share Transfer. Once you understand the Share Transfer Procedure then rest of the things are all viable and normal in business. In the beginning, you have to obtain the share transfer deed in the exact prescribed format. In the next step, it is important to execute the share transferring deed. This should be duly signed by the Transferee or the Transferor. We will make you understand the role of each individual with the correct financial illustrations. In the next step, it is necessary to stamp the share transferring document based on the notification as per the Indian Stamp Act and the Stamp Duty procedure. This is in force of the specific state where you are residing.

Checking with the Sign and Details

In the 4rth step, you need to check with the sign of the witness Procedure for Transfer of Shares. And for this, you should have the share certificate attachment. Which comes along with the allotment letter with the transferring deed, and deliver the same in the name of the company. After the approval, it is time for the company to process the document. In this context, the new share certificate is issued for the convenience of the users.

More Details to Consider

Here you have the issue of Transfer of Shares of Private Limited Company and in this context, we are here to help you with the team of Accounting4you. We can help in the processing of the document when things get approved. And help in issuing the new share certificate which is in the specific name of the transferee. 

Share Transferring Maintaining the Protocol

The Transfer of Shares should happen while maintaining the company protocols. Accounting4you will take up the whole responsibility and make things workable for you. We have the experts sitting at our place and they can help in sorting out things at the fastest. We can contribute in matters of Company Share Transfer and the rest of the things. The methods are fast and clear and if you can do it right the transferring process will happen quite fast and with the least hassle ever. In the case of a Private Limited Company, the procedure is short and precise and we take the responsibility of accomplishing things with the right endeavour.

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