The Nuances and Requisites for Registered Office Change

Your company is sure to have a registered office for operations. In this scenario, there can be occasions when you need to change the office location. And there are methods for that, we at Accounting4you can help with the details to have the most convenient experience in getting the office shifted. A company can have separate office sections like the branch office, the administrative office and the factory. We provide you with the details according to which the registered office of your company in any part of India should be registered in association with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. If required we will arrange for Registered Office Change at your convenience.

We at Accounting4you can help you in several ways and also in matters of Registered Office Address Change. In case you want to open other branch offices you cannot do the same without the permission of the ROC. Once the address is changed and fixed the ROC will help in determining the domicile. And destination of the company office, and it is part of the state incorporation. However, the change of office in the case should be notified to ROC within 15 days of notification. This is something essential we let you do if you have any plans in progress.

Change Company Information

When you are incorporating a private limited company you can approach us at Accounting4you. And we will help you in making a declaration in case of the company’s registered office. And in the case you need to submit the relevant and the vital documents in time. Here we will help you to know the list of documents that need to be submitted in the declaration of the registered office. And the same is necessary when you need to Change Company Information. You need to submit the water bill and the electricity bill. You also need to produce the receipt of the property tax.

At Accounting4you, we will also tell you about the lease agreement or the rent in case of the company and the property owner. We will help in doing the needful in matters of change registered office, and rest of the things involved in the affair. It is important to keep one thing in mind that the address mentioned on the bill or the receipt should match the details present on the NOC certificate as approved. And declared by the landlord based on the rental agreement. It is also necessary to know that the registered office cannot be a forlorn land or a building that is under construction.

Procedure for Changing the Registered Office Address

We have the team at Accounting4you to do the needful in time. All things should be done following the Company Act of 2013. This will help in providing an option to the company in the declaration of the temporary office address. Moreover, the address of the registered office of the company should be announced with the filing of the INC22 and this should happen within 15 days of incorporation and structuring of the company. 

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