The Procedures and Norms of PF Return Filing

We at Accounting4you are trying to generate the idea of savings among the employees. This is the long run that would prove to be beneficial for an employee at the time of retirement in the form of the social security system at the time when the Provident Fund was being introduced. At the time we make you opt for PF Return Filing. Which will help you have the best hand in the PF scheme for a longer period. The fund is made available both with the contribution of the employee and the employer on monthly basis. The contribution made in terms of the PF can only be drawn by the employee at the time of retirement or in case of a financial emergency.

In this case filing of returns is necessary with us at Accounting4you. The PF return filing should be completed by the 25th of every month and in context. We can talk about the several forms that are being used for the process of PF return filing. All the contributions and registrations are done using the Unified Portal.  In trying to do the PF Return Filing we offer you Form 3A. It is also known as the member’s annual contribution card. The 3A form will depict the monthly basis contribution being made possible by the subscriber or the member.

Method of PF Registration

The method of PF registration by the form is quite simple. It is the registration done for the contribution being made towards the EPF or the pension fund in a specific year. The data should be calculated on monthly basis for all members who are vital parts of the scheme. We will tell you the details of the scheme where you need to put in the account number and the name of the subscriber. Here you also need to provide the name of the father or the husband along with the name or the address of the establishment of the factory.

Online Process of Filing PF Returns

In the form, you also have to mention the salutary rate of the contribution. And also the rate of voluntary rate of contribution in case of any. The form should come with the signature and the seal of the company or the employer. We also offer you the option of Form 6A. The form is the consolidation of the annual contribution statement. The form holds all the details like the account number and the name of the subscriber. We also mention in the form the wages and the retaining allowance if any. In the form, you have the ‘Amount Remitted’ column mentioning the various types of contributions. Like the pension fund contribution, EDLI contribution, administration changes, and the rest.

We at Accounting4you help you with more details like the Process of Filing PF Returns Online. The rest of the things like the EPF return due date and more details concerning the EF return procedure. We also help you with details like the opening balance of the contribution. And this will include the interest of both the employer and the employees in specific.

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