The EPF Registration Process at Accounting4you

The EPF or the Employee provident Fund is the specific scheme we have at Accounting4you and it falls under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Things are regulated as part of the preview of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This is one of the largest financial security systems in the world about clientele and the volume of the form of the financial transaction that is undertaken on a serious note. In the truest sense, EPF is the form of benefit in case of the employee at the time of retirement and this is fulfilled based on the norms of the organization known as Accounting4you.

Process of EPF Registration

We deduct the PF from the salary of the employee and the EPF registration is the most vital method that we have. In addition, we need to process the remittances just after the generation of the challans using the EPFO employer portal. The clients need to go through the entire procedure with us and more things would be handled by the company with the right efforts in time. We will make you familiar with all the terms of PF and EPFO in trying to meet the financial challenges in time.

With Accounting4you, there is the provision of risk coverage. It is the fundamental benefit of the provident fund registration. That is to help cover the risks in the case of both the employees and the dependents. They may face this risk at the time of retirement due to illness or death. We also have the provision of a Uniform Account. This is one of the most essential subjects of the Provident Fund account system. The Uniform Account that we have is both consistent and it is even transferable. Things can be transferred to any other point of employment with the right ease.

PF Scheme

We at Accounting4you also have the scheme of EDLIS. It stands for Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme. The provision is available in the case of all the PF scheme account holders. According to the scheme the life insurance premium would be deducted. And the rate would be 0.5% as part of the salary. We even have the provision of long-term goals for you like higher education and marriage. This will help in necessitating the fastest availability of the funds for sure. During such critical times, we have the accumulated PF amount for you. And this is highly useful at times when you have the ardent financial need.

We at Accounting4you have more things like Pension Coverage and Emergency Needs that can come to your help when situations are not right. In case of sudden illness or event in the family, you can borrow money from the PF fund. At that time the amount may prove to be highly beneficial. We also have the pension coverage scheme with 12% of the contribution to the EPF. We will also contribute the same amount making it highly beneficial for you at the time of retirement.

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