The Methods and Rule of Personal Tax Filing

Choose the ITR e filing method that suits you best. We are here to assist you with the rules at Accounting4you. ITR filing is done by a taxpayer where he should submit a record of his yearly income earned on that financial year. A citizen can go to the official site of the income tax Department and file his returns. Income tax Department has Different forms for tax filing.

Different Types of ITR Forms

There are different types of ITR forms which are used for e filing. This is how the process is made to work. ITR-1 is used for an individual who earn Rs.50 lakhs or less annually by salary or their pension and have own house. ITR-2 form is used by Non- residential Indians, High post individuals, like directors, Shareholders at reputed private sectors and who earn Rs. 50lakhs and above annually. ITR-3 Form is used for those individuals having their ownership business in India. Paying income tax is the best to keep oneself free from all headaches and here we give you the best guidelines.

It is compulsory for all citizen of India to file income tax at the right time every year. Every individual and Non- residential Indians should file income tax return of the amount of their income or their loss. Private companies should file income tax return, seeing their turnover or their profit. Question is, why should we file ITR? If an individual falls under certain criteria he should file ITR. Personal Tax filing is mandatory for those individuals that fall in the tax criteria. Why should you file it, when we can help you with our expertise at the hub of Accounting4you.

Required Documents for ITR Return

ITR return forms have less documentation work, no documents need to attach by the tax payer. Give us your E-filing to us, for no documentation filing. Happy customers return back to us for ITR Filing. Non-filing of Income Tax Return can lead you to obstacles. You will not be able to move forward or free off losses. But no worries, we are a genie to help you file all the taxes, because filing helps the nation and above all filing of Income Tax is highly beneficial for you.  The Indian Government gives us with a better country when the Government can spend more using our taxes. Depend on us. We serve you whenever and wherever you need us.

ITR Receipt is a very important document because it provides information more than Form 16, which includes an individual’s income, taxes, and various other sources of income. It can be used as a proof of residence.  If you apply for an auto loan or home loan, the ITR Receipt makes it easy for Banks to conclude that you are a tax payer and resulting to determine your source of income. File with us, we make it simpler and at your convenience. We bring forward comprehensive guidelines on your income tax returns. Every detail which is related to ITR Benefits are mentioned at Accounting4you, and the reason for which it is compulsory to file ITR, and the result of denying not filing the same.

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