Helping the Individuals with the Option of ITR-4 Return Filing

The Indian Government has different income tax returns categories for its citizens. ITR-4 is among them. ITR-4 is filed by persons whose net income is less than Rs. 50 lakhs, subject to other conditions. The ITR–4 Sugam is an income tax return form. The ITR-4 is filed by individuals or Hindu Undivided Families who are residents other than those who are ordinarily residents, or by a form that is not a Limited Liability Partnership but is a resident and has an income of not more than Rs. 50 lakhs annually. Also, such individual’s revenue falls under a few heads that can help in the long run.

Income from a business where it is calculated on a presumptive basis under Section 44AD with a gross turnover of up to Rs. 2 crores is eligible for the return filing. Under Section 44AE, which is in regard of income from up to ten goods carriages.

Why Needs to File the ITR-4 FORM?

A person with income from salary or pension and income from one house property needs to file the ITR-4 Form. Interest income from family pension also has to file the ITR-4. We at Accounting4you need to know who is not eligible to file the ITR-4 form. The ITR-4 returns do not have to be filed by an individual who has signing authority on any account outside India. An individual who has unlisted equity shares. If he has income from any other source which is outside India, If you are a director of a company and have any financial assets outside of India, in that case you are not eligible to file the ITR-4 form.

There are two ways to file the ITR-4 form. Here we at Accounting4you can assist you to do so. One method is through online mode and the other one is through the offline mode. Let us study the offline method firstly. An individual can only file the ITR-4 form offline under certain cases. If you are a super senior citizen of 80 years or more, you can file the ITR-4 form offline. If your earnings are not more than Rs.5 lakhs, you do not need to claim a refund in ITR. [Where is online method]

Process to File the ITR-4

You can file the ITR-4 form by providing it on physical paper. Providing the barcoded return is also a process for filing the ITR-4 form manually. We can do this for you if you rely on us, and we can physically get the acknowledgment copy received from the Income Tax Department upon submission of the physical paper of the ITR-4 form. Now comes the online method. Your genie is here with you to relieve you from these headaches.

To file the ITR-4 form online, we at the destination of Accounting4you will make you visit the e-filing web portal, In the case of ITR-4, it is not necessary to disclose the details of the balance sheet. It is not necessary to disclose the assets in ITR-4. Only the assets that are there to conduct business are shown in ITR-4. Verification of the filings is a huge task that requires accuracy and concentration. But leave it to us; we do it with ease and perfection.

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