All of these factors add up to make a difference in terms of Input Tax Credit

The input tax credit will refer to the tax already paid by the individual on the purchase of the goods and services. And the same is available in the form of a deduction from the amount of tax payable. The amount of the input tax credit is based on account of IGST. Here, you have the payment options of SGST or UTGST. We at Accounting4you will explain to you all things in detail. And the account of the CGST shall be utilized for the legitimate taxation payment. The portion of the input tax credit should be used first for the payment of the SGST or UTGST. And then it is used for the payment of IGST. However, the same cannot be used for the payment of CGST.

The kind of tax credit should be calculated based on state. This implies that the ITC for SGST in one specific state cannot be used to make the payment of SGST in any other state. However, this kind of input tax credit cannot be used for the payment of the interest penalty. Or the kind of fees that are payable under the particular act in place of the GST in the way that is being mentioned above.

How to Claim Input Tax Credit?

It is essential to know how to claim input tax credits, and in the process, you can refer online. For the purpose of claiming ITC. The buyer should be making a payment to the supplier for the purpose of supplying the goods received within the tenure of 180 days from the date when the invoice was issued. In case the buyer is not able to do so, the credit amount that is availed of shall be added to the output tax liability. It is time that you take account of the GST input tax credit, and to know more, you can refer to us at Accounting4you.

There is a procedure for input tax credit reconciliation. In this context, the taxpayer can claim the ITC if the invoice is presented as part of the GSTR-2B. At this point, the taxpayer needs to do the sort of reconciliation in place of the ITC according to the purchase register. And the notion of the GSTR-2B data is in no way matching with each other. For this reason, you have to download the supplier invoice from GSTR 2A straight from the government portal. You can even upload the purchase invoice using Excel or Tally.

The Process of ITC Reconciliation

The process of ITC Reconciliation is quite obvious. You can even run the GSTN. It is also important to download the report and review it completely. The importance of the GST reconciliation is for the claim of the 100% accurate and correct ITC. You can claim the same by sorting out all the differences at Accountig4you. And this happens in-between the purchasing register and the GSTR 2A. The kind of GST reconciliation will also help in avoiding the level of duplicity at the time. And the point of filing the Annual GST Return.

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