The Requirement and Essentiality of Hallmark Registration

Hallmarking Licence (certificate of registration) is required in India for certified jewellers to sell or produce hallmark gold and silver jewellery in india.

Hallmark Registration is a certification of purity of gold articles in accordance with India Standard specifications. It is like a safeguard to the purchasers of gold and gold articles. The Hallmark Registration is allotted after testing the gold article of jewellers. Hallmarking Registration certifies the purity of the gold article by using a laser marking machine or punches. Hallmark Registration is done to protect a customer against exploitation of irregular gold quality. A Hallmarking Licence helps to make the gold jewellery industry to explore more and so the gold jewellery is exported increasing the gold business. We at Accounting4you will increase your gold business, start your Hallmark Registration today through us.

Hallmarking Licence in India

Issue of Hallmarking Licence in India is done by the c (BIS). Managing the quality of the item is necessary to keep in control as indicated under the Bureau of Indian Standards scheme that hold the BIS hallmark licence for gold as well as for silver jewellery. Get your Hallmarking Licence easily. We at Accounting4you try fulfil the documents. An owner of a jeweller shop can apply for hallmark licence if he is eligible of certain requirements for the application of Hallmark Registration. The certificate of the registered company is required for the application. The Signed BIS hallmark application is required to apply for hallmark licence. We provide all Hallmarking License Service at your doorstep.

Do not make a mistake of applying online for the Hallmark Registration, when you are declared not eligible to apply for Hallmark Registration certificate, in such cases, your Hallmark registration will be cancelled by the Bureau of Indian Standards. We have our experts who can guide you on the Hallmark Registration. The purity of gold can only be identified pure by adequate examination, and only by looking at the gold one cannot judge the purity of it. Hallmark Registration can lessen these issues by providing all the necessary information and confirm the purity of the gold.

Benefits of Hallmark Registration

The Hallmarking on the gold jewellery or articles is a triangle mark which shows that the gold article is pure. Hallmarking is an official mark which is recognized international also on valuable metal items. Hallmark Licence is required in India for jewellers which are certified to sell the gold and silver jewellery. In India especially gold and silver have been brought under the domain of Hallmarking. Boost up your gold business by Hallmark Registration through us. We do it fast and accurately. The Hallmark Registration pays a vital role in the gold and silver business in India. It swiftly boosts your business. It gives quality assurance to the jewellery legacy. The Hallmark Registration gives your customers satisfaction and builds trust within customers. The Hallmarking Licence provides legal protection against any infringement.

The Hallmark Licence is valid for more than 1 year but not more than 2 years. The Hallmark Renewal licence can be granted for a period of not less than 1 year and may be up to 5 years. Apply for a Hallmarking Licence for easy and smooth business through us. We the people at Accounting4you make your gold business dream true.

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