The Essence and Requirement of Copyright Registration

Copyright is a right which is given by the law to composer of dramatic, literary, artistic works, musical and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. Therefore Copyright registration refers to the ownership rights to literature, music, artwork, sound recordings, theater and other works. We at Accounting4you will protect your copyright. Register through us. Copyright registration ensures certain safeguard of the rights of authors over their creations, which is protected by the copyright registration. Copyright registration, is required as it allows you to communicate with the public well. The Copyright Act of 1957 governs the process of copyright registration.

Copyright Registration Procedures

If a work has been created by two people, then they get co-ownership of the copyright unless the people concerned want it otherwise.There is no age bar in obtaining copyright registration. A minor can also register one too. We here at Accounting4you will help you with our expert advice for the copyright registration procedures. The copyright protects most of the works that are available in sensible form, including lyrics to a song, tunes, pictures, graphics, and sculpture, piece of architecture, sound recordings, drama and signatures. Copyright registration is not applicable for those pieces of work that cannot be fixed in a sensible expression, like unrecorded works, or speech/performance. Copyright is not applicable on standard calendars, charts of height/weight, information from public documents. We give you the list of the things which is under copyright registration.

The makers enjoy the legal security when their work is replicated without authorization. Copyright Registration makes it much effortless to protect the original work against violation. Process the copyright registration through us. Copyright Registration generates a public record of the work, and evidence of ownership is fixed for the creative work. The owner of a registered Copyright has the rights to replicate, circulate and modify the work. Protect your creativity, we do it for you.

Online Copyright Registration Process

Online Copyright registration is compulsory to protect your creativity and prevent it from violation. We at the place of Accounting4you collect all the information related to the copyright. The necessary files are checked, if it can be used for the application. The copyright filing is then done by preparing the application and then the form is filed for the copyright registration. We will keep you updated on all the information related to the application until the registration is complete. Register a copyright through us, and we do it with ease. A diary number is generated once the application is submitted. You can also track your application using this number. If there is a discrepancy, a notice will be issued and you should respond within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notice. We keep track of the notice if any and be prepared to respond.

On removal of the discrepancy, or there are no objections or discrepancies, the copyright registration is complete. After copyright registration, copyright is valid for the lifetime of the author 60 years after his death. The time span of the copyright registration means the copyright of a work will live for such a period under the copyright act and it cannot be practiced without the creator or author’s permission. Start protecting your creative work through us.

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