How to take Care of Company Registration and Rest of the Necessities

The authenticity of your business is increased when you have a registered company. A Pvt Ltd.Company protect you from personal liability and protects from other risks and losses. It Attracts more consumers. A Pvt. Ltd Company can procure bank credits and good investment and you can get reliable investors to invest for your Company easily. Registration of a company offers many benefits. We at Accounting4you will help register your Company and you avail all benefits. The private limited company registration process is completely online, so you don’t even have to leave your home to get your Company registered. For online Company Registration 2 Directors and 2 shareholders and a Registered office is required.

Directors Identity Proof Required

The Directors must equip with such a identity proof which has his address on it:

  • Passport
  • Aadhaar ID.

Digital signature is a part of the Company Registration. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs only accepts for filings is the digital signature. Digital signature has become mandatory for both Directors before Registration. All Pvt. Ltd Companies registered in India should appoint a practicing Chartered Accountant who is registered. We at Accounting4you have solutions for all such requirements. A Company must file an income tax return using Form ITR-6 each financial year within the due date The income tax return of the Company should be digitally signed with the digital Signature of any one of the Directors. Register your Company today and we have solutions for all the formalities.

Pvt. Ltd. Company is well known and popular business title. Corporate customers, vendors and government agents prefer to deal with Private Limited Company. So do not delay, hurry and do you Company Registration today through us. There is no fixed capital amount required to start a Company.The face value of share, authorised Capital and Paid-up capital should be kept in mind while you open a Company.We have a detailed concept which we can elaborately share with you. For company registration you have to think of a company name. And then submit an application for company name approval to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to reserve the name which you have thought to form your Company.

Proprietorship Startup

A proprietorship Startup is managed by a single person called proprietor. He owns the business and his own name under his own Pan number. All debts on the company is liable on the proprietor. Startup your proprietorship business with us. We have the team of expert professionals at Accounting4you to guide you with our expert views.

An alternative form of business which provides the advantages of a Company and the flexibility of a Partnership firm into a single organization is the LLP Registration. LLP registration is good in setting up small, medium- sized businesses. We have experts to guide you on the LLP Registration. Register today. The process of starting an LLP is completely online. Submit all your documents to us and we do the rest. Regular follow ups are done by us. Time to time information on your Registration is given to you.

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