How is FSSAI License Beneficial for Your Food Business?

Every food business operator in India requires an FSSAI Licence to do business. It is truly difficult to gain people’s trust on a new food business. People have a myth that a new business have a possibility of food adulteration, usage of cheap and toxic products on the food, usage of chemicals, unsanitary ways of food preparations, the list goes on.

A FSSAI Certificate is like a guard to clear all these doubts on a food business, be it a restaurant or food supplier. Once you have a Fssai Registration, you may implement the FSSAI Logo in your menu cards to announce the authenticity and quality of your food. A Food License Registration certifies that your food is safe to eat and there is no effect to the health and thus there is a everlasting bonding between the customer and owner. Expansion of your food outlet or restaurant to another part of the state or may be country is highly possible if you have a FSSAI Licence. The FSSAI Logo can be used as a marketing game plan to capture a huge market share in new business venues. The logo can help implant trust in your services and render your goodwill.

What are the Documents Required For FSSAI registration?

The documents required for FSSAI registration

  • Applicant Photo Identity: The food business provider should provide a photo ID.
  • FORM B: This is the application form to get the aforementioned registration. This form should be provided only after it is filled completely.
  • Proof of possession of the premises where the food business is to be conducted: This can either be a rental agreement or a sales deed depending upon the owner of property.
  • Partnership deed or Company Incorporation Certificate depending upon the type of business entity.
  • List of food products that the FBO is dealing with
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association as well.
  • A plan meant to represent the food management system.