Work Contract Registration

If anybody takes any work contract order and execute in Delhi and he provide sales & services to his client or he gets any turnkey project like civil construction, Repairing work with material, turnkey projects, Interior work with supply of material etc then he require Work Contract Registration / WCT Registration to start business in Delhi. We have practical knowledge of Work contract in Delhi. We are already handling many company, firm & Prop Concern with Dvat department for work contract.

  • Proof of Incorporation of the Co., Partnership deed etc. in cases of constitutions other than proprietary.
  • Copy of rent agreement/ proof of legal possession of the principal place and additional places of business at Delhi and also NOC from Lessor.
  • Copy of PAN of firm.
  • Copy of VAT & CST registration certificate of other locations of the company.
  • Photographs of the Prop./Partner
  • Copy of PAN of Prop/Partner.
  • Details of Bank account in Delhi with Account number, bank name and branch and MICR code.
  • Copy of bank statement to substantiate the same.
  • Application form of VAT (DVAT 04) & CST (Form A) for registration duly signed by the authorised Director/ Partner/ Proprietor/person.
  • Details of authorised signatory in Delhi with his PAN and address proof and photograph.
  • List of goods to be traded
  • Surety of Rs. 1 Lakh in Form DVAT 12.
  • Registration Fee of Rs 500 in the form of Court Fee stamps and a fee of Rs 25 under CST in the form of court stamps

Amount of Security Dealer at the time of registration is required to furnish a security for an amount not exceeding Rs 1,00,000, which may be reduced by the following amount:

Reduction Sought (Maximum reduction available Rs 50,000)Rebate (In Rs)
Proof of ownership of principle place of business30000
Proof of ownership of residential property by proprietor/ managing partner20000
Copy of passport of proprietor/ managing partner10000
Copy of Permanent Account Number in the name of the business allotted by the Income Tax Department10000
Copy of last electricity bill (The bill should be in the name of the business and for the address specified as the main place of business in the registration form)10000
Copy of last telephone bill (The bill should be in the name of the business and for the address specified as the main place of business in the registration form)5000

Registration as Casual Trader

If a dealer is not carrying on its business activities in Delhi on regular basis but only undertakes sales on occasional basis eg., during exhibitions, or trade fair, then such dealer needs to apply for registration as casual trader in From DVAT 04A, three days prior to commencement of business activities in Delhi. As a causal dealer/ trader certain rules and procedure needs to be followed:

  • Dealer needs to pay tax daily on sales made on the previous day.
  • Casual Trader cannot issue Tax Invoice
  • Casual dealer must submit its return immediately after conclusion of his business in Delhi.