Getting into the System of Professional Tax System

Professional Tax is a tax that is levied by a State Government on all individuals who earn a living through any medium. Since it is a tax that is levied by the state government, it might differ from one state to another. Professional Tax is collected by the employers from the monthly salaries. It is then paid to the state government. If you are not working for anyone then you should pay the professional tax yourself. We at Accounting4you can help you pay your professional tax in time. Professional Tax payment is a revenue source for the government.  Employees at a Public company need to pay professional tax e payment. We can guide you on the professional tax slabs and educate you on the matter unknown to you about professional tax.

The deduction of Professional tax takes place with the HRA, Basic Salary and conveyance charges. It can be seen in your salary slip every month when you get it. Professional Tax Registration is the responsibility of every business owner, who should take up the responsibility for deduction of professional tax and then to pay the government his professional tax. We at Accounting4you can make you more responsible and assist you for Professional Tax Registration.

Professional tax can be paid online through us. We pay your professional tax in time. It is mandatory to pay your e-payment your professional tax in time. There can be no refund of professional tax once paid. In fact you can claim deduction of professional tax file by filing your salary returns. In fact there is no refund system under professional tax. Want to know more, reach us. We make you understand better at Accounting4you and this will help you get to the depth of subject matter.

Commercial tax is currently referred to as GST (Goods and services Tax) in India. Commercial tax is levied on locally manufactured and imported goods and services.Commercial tax is not applicable on zero rated goods like food, certain drugs, exported goods. Commercial tax is a type of indirect tax as it is paid by the end user to the government via the manufacturer. We give you detailed picture of the commercial tax. Ask us. Luxury Tax is more like a statutory tax, which is imposed mainly on the services offered at hotels, spas, and resorts. Luxury tax is not applicable for food and beverages which are served at hotels or other places. You can always have the option of not buying a luxury item, as it focuses on high cost items. Luxury Tax could be paid by vendors and may be passed on to the customer. Hence if you are a vendor, we can guide you better.

Entertainment tax is levied by the government on commercial shows, movie tickets, sporting events, music festivals, theatre shows. Entertainment tax forms a part of the ticket or pass that we buy for watching movies or big entertainment shows. State government is responsible for collecting entertainment tax from customers. The total amount of Profession Tax which is paid to the government in a year is allowed as deduction under the Income Tax Act. Get our expert suggestion more on Professional Taxes.