The Nuances of Changing, or Adding a Director

We at Accounting4you can help in both matters of adding and removing the directors from the company at any point in time. We have the process of director incorporation and we can help you with the same at any point in time. We help you in the appointing of the new director and we have the right bunch of methods to add and remove to make the whole process easy and convenient for you. We have the power and the planning to help you in the convenient adding of the director and removal of the director when needed. We will help you understand the reasons for appointing a director and even make them leave the post when needed.

At Accounting4you we have all provisions of Add Directors and we also help in taking decisions in business operations. The directors should be added carefully as they are the key persons who are being trusted by the Shareholders of the company in matters of money. They will trust the director for the amount of money being invested in the company. We will help you understand the importance of having a new director on the board on a legal basis. A company needs to have a constant director and we will help you know how and why to Add New Director for the overall success of the company.

It is important for the individual who is getting appointed as the director to have a digital signature. If he does not have the same we are going to help in the process and arrange for the same from the source of the certifying authority. He will get the DIN or the Director Identification Number. This is something highly important for having an Additional Director. If the company has the intention to Change director they will ask for all the KYC documents along with the qualification details. We at Accounting4you will help to do the needful.

We need to notify you that there is no minimum educational qualification required for holding the position of director. To Add or Remove Director we will make things ready at Accounting4you and this will help simplify the entire procedure. To decide on appointing or changing the director we make provisions for the Extra Ordinary General Meeting. However, the General Meeting should be called according to the details of the Companies Act, 2013. These are the rules made by the Secretarial Standards are sure to be issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

If there is a necessity for the Addition of Director we will also help you have the Notice of the EGM that is being issued mainly to the shareholders. Now you decide on the meeting timer and date and to hold the meeting and pass the necessary resolution. We will help in holding the meeting and even pass the essential resolution for appointing the director within the company. For issuing the letter of appointment to the company director we specify the terms and conditions and the salary structure should also be mentioned in the process.